About Us

HardHead Games is a small independent studio run by a merry gang of friends who love playing and making video games. Andrew Hardy and Greg Head are the two main men running the show but it is common for friends of theirs to collaborate on projects they’re working on.


Before HardHead Games
Both Andrew and Greg are IT professionals and self-taught programmers. In high school they got their start making games in QBasic. Years later after finishing university they reunited and began making games for fun using XNA. After placing well in multiple game jams it dawned on them that perhaps they should try actually releasing the games they had been working on.

In late 2011 Andrew decided to quit his IT job and start making games full time. Fast-forward to 2014, HardHead Games is releasing its first title World Destroyers with many other games in various stages of completion on their way as well.

Why we make games
We are local multiplayer enthusiasts¬†and simply put, we make the games we want to play. The golden age of multiplayer gaming started way back on the N64. We played countless hours of titles such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, GoldenEye, and Blitz. For a while local multiplayer fell by the wayside, UNTIL NOW! Amazing titles like TowerFall, BattleBlock Theatre and CloudBerry Kingdom have re-ignited interest in local multiplayer gaming. It’s our mission to not only appeal to this interest but continue to grow it with the games we create.

We play games too
Not only do we want to create great games, we want to promote other outstanding multiplayer titles as well. We’ll be doing this through an ongoing series of Lets Play videos where we invite you to come see how crazy things can get when you put some super competitive friends in front of a TV.¬†These weekly gaming sessions happen anyway, so why not record them!

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